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So you are planning a trip but not sure where to go? That’s where our destination guides come in handy, featuring the Top 12 destinations for 2014 around the world. Find them in the list below.

Based on TripAdivsor’s Sixth Annual Travelers’ Choice Awards 2014 we have listed down the top most popular destinations among the travelers around the world!

This year Istanbul tops the list as the best destinations in the world.Whereas Rome & London take the second and third spot respectively.

Many cities took leaps upwards and downwards most asian cities have shown better stats by Six cities taking into top 25 with several cities climbing 10 plus spots from their previous year’s rankings.

Whereas no US city could make it to top 10 and New York stood at spot 12.


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Halal Friendly Destinations

Our Muslim viewers will also find our World Halal Friendly Places very helpful featuring the top most popular Halal Friendly Countries worldwide.