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With over 3000 hotel options from cheap to luxury, boutique hotels your options in Shanghai are endless. Since it’s a very large metropolitan city it is wise to book in the districts closer to tourist spots you may plan to visit to avoid long travel time and expenses. Finding hotel on either side of river would be a good choice for beautiful views. The popular hotel districts in Shanghai are Pudong, Puxi, Huangpu, Xuhui, Changning, Minhang etc.

Since you are reading about Shanghai, it can only mean two things either you are just about to fly in or Shanghai is in your future bucket list. Whichever maybe the case, let us assure you that you have made a great decision!


Shanghai is one the most developed cities in the East Asia and definitely ‘the most’ developed city of mainland China. Just as today, go-back a 100 years and you will find that it was the most prosperous city of the eastern Asia at the turn of the last century.


Just as China itself Shanghai is a business hub. But that’s not all. With a population of approximately 23 million and divided by the Huangpu river, the metropolis is not just a beautiful mix of old and modern architecture but a cultural mix of west and east. It has a charm of its own, travelling through different districts resembles a journey through time. On one side of shore is the modern district of Pudong with the iconic sky-scrapers of famous Shanghai Bund while facing them is the historic districts of Puxi, which is entertainment and cultural melting pot with attractions of its own.


Starting from the airport you will find many interesting things and unique places. Such as the Maglev train (magnetic-levitation) technically suspended in the air serving city-airport route, the beautiful views of Shanghai Bund, the Old French Concession ( a European style district from old colonial times), the iconic skyscrapers (Pearl Oriental Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center) YuYuan Gardens, and Shanghai Ocean Aquarium are a few to name. The city has many transport options for getting around like taxis, buses and underground train network etc. So, don’t hesitate to explore and enjoy the great food and the vibrant night-life and art scene.

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