Travel in September 2015. Where to go in September? Weather, Festival & Events

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Travel in September.
Where to go in September?

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Are you thinking its too late to travel in the month of September ?

Well, we don’t think so. Its true that the peak summer and holiday travel season is about to end, most offices, schools are opening up again and its time for most to wake up from the holiday vacation dreams and fly back to their reality nests called homes.

But if you’re reading this article then we assume that you are planning to start your holiday adventure of the season in September and the case for most might not be the case for you! Now is the start of moderate temperatures in most places around the world. The sizzling heat has started giving way to moderate temperatures and chills have started to disappear in the colder regions of Southern hemisphere where mountain passes re-open, frozen lakes to come alive again and flowers to bloom in colors!

Let’s see whats happening in different regions of the world and where should you go!

ASIA in September

September and Asia make a good combination together. Summer heat and humidity has just said its good byes to North Asian regions specially countries like China and Japan. Its time for a fresh breeze with mild temperatures as locals prepare to welcome winters coming ahead. China and Japan are among the best available options this month.

But North Asia is not the only place, you can consider South East Asian countries as well since monsoon has already cooled down some countries in the region. Its time for enjoying great Asian cultural festivals. Mostly in Thailand such as Phuket Vegetarian festival, the Full Moon Party Thailand, Chinese Moon Festival, Malaysia Day as well as China’s National Day.Attending festivals could be a major highlight of your trip but its all about good planning. Its either an unforgettable experience or a complete nightmare if not planned well. Festival dates are based on lunar calendar and fluctuate every year and at these times expect dead slow traffic along with high rents and prices.

To name these could be the best destinations: Indonesia and Bali (to be specific), Singapore, Parts of Malaysia, Beijing & Northern China, Hongkong, Borneo and Northern parts of Srilanka.

EUROPE in September

Its the best time to visit the most popular tourist continent on this planet. Most tourists to these countries and locals have returned from their holidays and are back to their businesses. As the number of tourists has dropped its time for “shoulder season” with ‘Discounts’ opening on most hotels, restaurants and shopping spaces!

Not too crowded and neither crowd-less. Its the perfect time to travel and save. Weather remains mild through out the region Western Europe where its pleasantly cool. Mediterranean sun is having enough voltage to light the days and beaches for you. Consider visiting France & UK in West, and Spain, Italy & Greece in Mediterranean regions.

The Eastern end of Europe is cooling down for the winters coming ahead experiencing autumn. Top travel destinations on your list should be Czech Republic, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, Moscow and Krakow to name a few. In South East the best place and time to visit 2014’s most popular international destination turkey. From history, culture and beaches to Cappadocia’s adventures of hot-air balloon its all waiting for you to enjoy.

NORTH AMERICA in September

The month of September is the time of fall season in American regions. Enjoy fall travel deals and discounts. Its best to enjoy outdoor activities with most options lying at the East coast. Regions like New England, Mid Atlantic, Midwest and Western areas among the most popular in this season.

Plan your trip across cities, hire a car and enjoy the scenic drive. And if you are a fan of adventure travel then activities likes camping and hiking are the best to be enjoyed in Midwestern states and New England. Most summer crowds have moved back to homes so you can enjoy popular cities like New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver and San Francisco. Not to mention Orlando Disneyland should be on your list too.

In central America its monsoon season, and its when tourist take an exit from region and if you happen to be a wildlife lover than this is the one for you.


The major crowds of tourists flying to Southern Spain and North West African Arab countries have now flown back and its time you can enjoy the beautiful sunny beaches, souqs(markets) and streets in clam with no crowds or jams. Its a good time to visit countries like Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt or your personal favourites in the region.

Similarly the Arabian peninsula consisting gulf countries like UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and others are moving to mild temperatures and weather will be bearable again. Its time for summer festivals and other local events to fire up in the region.

SOUTH AMERICA in September

Climate in South America varies wildly from the North of continent touching equator line to the Southern edge near icy Antarctic at Tierra Del Fuego. Expect chilly weather with rain in Ecuador and some regions of Peru and Bolivia. Coastal areas in lower end of Ecuador and Amazon will be humid and warm being tropical in nature.

September is a season of spring in Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile where as Lima will be warm and dry with cooler weather often in nights.

AFRICA in September

September is the start of spring season in South African cone. Weather is cool and dry making it the perfect time for outdoor activities like hiking, animal and bird watching. Same goes for the East, West and Central Africa. Travel in September to avoid blistering heat, its dry, mild and the best time to enjoy animal watching through out the African continent.

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Opposite to the waves of climate around the world, in Australia and New Zealand its the time of year when they say goodbyes to winter. Sunny days, warmer temperatures and flowers booming are all signs of coming spring season in South East Australia. Consider visiting Sydney & Melbourne. Regions of North Western Australia are mildly warm.

September is the first month of spring in New Zealand making it a season of festivals and events through out the major cities in country. Spring festivals, beer and seafood festivals are the highlights. On the other hand ice is still covering the mountain peaks, so if you are planning a skiing trip, go for it the game is still on!

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