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Marketing Partnership program is an absolutely effortless way of increasing your brand exposure and sales in a cost effective manner.

Sell your rooms
Direct Bookings
20x less cost
No burden on your team


Marketing Partnership Program

With the growing challenges and competition of hospitality/travel industry, partnerships are more crucial than ever to benefit from the combined expertise when facing combined challenges. Hotels partnering with other retail businesses is not a strange thing for the industry and we believe such partnerships come naturally to hotels (including other travel suppliers) and travel booking platforms.

Marketing partnership programs are focused on hotels and other travel suppliers, who gain brand exposure and sales growth by being brought forward to hundreds of thousands of people as a recommendation. All of this without any burden on your team or a dent to your financials.

Common Industry Challenges:

  • Extreme competition (especially on OTA’s)
  • Heavy Commissions
  • No control
  • Bigger players take the big chunk
  • Budget Constraints
  • Lack of a digital team with specialists for each role
  • Costly Advertising


The Campaign

Each marketing campaign runs for 30 day period for a specific destination (city/town), with the primary focus on promoting partners on campaign’s landing page as recommended local travel suppliers — with up to 9 partners under each category.


  • Top 9 Places to stay
  • Top 9 Places to eat
  • Top 9 Things to do & their suppliers

To maintain quality service, partners must have at least 80% satisfaction rate* and will be approved after a basic review.

*Equivalent to a rating of 8/10 or 4/5 on any authentic review system such as: Trustyou, Tripadvisor, Booking.com, expedia, Kayak etc.

Up to 100,000 Visitors

70 – 100 thousand visitors to the campaign landing page through targeted paid advertisements.

Additional 100,000 Emails

Send upto 100,000 marketing emails (co-branded) to your members for Free through us.

Up to 20,000 Promotional Emails

13,000 – 20,000 campaign promotion emails sent to travplanet members marketing all the partners.

Be ahead of competition.

20x Less

Thanks to the Partnership — your cost is 20 times less than reaching same number of people when advertising on your own.

Tremendous Brand Exposure

Direct Bookings on your site

Your Property / Rates / Rules

A recommendation adds unmatched value than advertising

No hiring or staffing needed

No Workload on your staff

No Commissions

No Channel Management

Again — extremely cost effective

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