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Due to the complexity of hospitality industry. The availability of hotels properties, rooms and prices greatly vary for each agency or travel booking website. A single agency no matter how big – cannot have all the available options and at the best prices worldwide.


That’s where travplanet comes into play – we search through hundreds of renowned to smaller local websites and offer maximum hotel and room inventory available with clear comparisons on room types/perks and prices. So that you always get what suits best your taste and budget!

Better Hotel Rates


The prices of hotel rooms are not the same on travel booking websites. They may vary for each and every agency. It may be expensive by a few dollars at one website, the other might have cheaper rate while a third might be running a deal on the very same room/night. Therefore, travplanet finds and lists all the available options so you can have the best deal!



Not every single property or room can be available on any single website. What might be available at a particular website might be sold out or may not be even listed on the other. With travplanet you get maximum options for your preferences.


Close to airport with a sea view room in deluxe category and pet friendly at the same time, no worries you can keep digging and will have plenty of options!



Even if a specific hotel is listed on your preferred booking sites, it may be sold out at one and might be a little expensive on the second. But if you get to see 10 or 20 different listings for the same hotel room then there’s hardly any chance to miss it!