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Hotels in US

USA is the biggest economy and the super power of the world and almost every person on this planet knows something about this country. Let it be Hollywood, Empire State building to the Statue of Liberty or the American brands from Apple Computers to Coca Cola. makes it easier for you to find great hotel booking deals. Discover US from highlands, grand canyons to oceans or explore the variety of cities this vast country has to offer in varying flavors for travel and vacations. With travplanet your options of hotel rooms are endless.

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Hotels in Europe

Europe is the tourist’s favorite continent worldwide. Whether you travel for the love of greenery and Alps or you are inspired by the history and culture of the land. From short trips with multiple stops to longer stays with fewer destinations. We have it all covered for you. There are endless options to choose from. Save big on hotel bookings and spend more on your favorite activities. Travplanet Best Price Guarantee ensures that you will get the best rates for hotels.

BEST VISITED FOR: History / Culture / Nature / Shopping

Hotels in Asia

Do you seek nature and culture? Or looking for a spiritual destination to meditate and rejuvenate yourself with the exotic massages and therapies? There is a lot to see and explore in Asia, the land of many places and diverse culture. Then why not save on hotel stay and enjoy the local food and the once in a lifetime experiences that Asia has to offer!

BEST VISITED FOR: Food / Beach / Relaxation / Culture

Hotels in South America

Are you a honeymooner, adventure seeker or simply looking for a unique destination? Enjoyable weather around the year, cool breeze and amazing beaches are the specialty of this Caribbean. A continent studded with outstanding natural wonders from tropical jungles, Capricorn near the tip of Antarctica to the world famous Caribbean beaches, you can have plenty of time and money to enjoy them with’s easy bookings & amazing deals.

BEST VISITED FOR: Beaches / Sightseeing / Nightlife / Culture