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Please find below the answers to most commonly asked questions.

How travplanet works?

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Whenever you search for an hotel or a flight, we instantly fetch and bring the best available travel options from hundreds of hotels, airlines and online travel agencies. All the aggregated results are then sorted and listed in the order of best rates & deals first.

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The most dominant factor of sorting and listing the results is price. But price is not the only factor, we also consider many other factors such as in case of a flight we also consider the length of journey, layovers times, popularity of routes and their preferred times etc. In short we do take into consideration practicality and all the other aspects, be it a flight or a hotel booking.

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We try to include as much information as possible regarding a specific flight ticket or a hotel room.

If it is a flight we try our best to list all the mandatory fees and charges, limitations on luggage or any other requirements.

Similarly for hotel room booking includes information of any check-in & check-out times, complimentary services and any other information if available.


NOTE: We always advise you to double-check all the conditions and pricing on the final booking page of the site you are making your booking with to avoid any unpleasant surprises or errors. All this information is processed automatically so there is a slight chance of inaccuracies due to continuous changes in availability and pricing.

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All our results are 100% accurate. However, due to the nature of travel industry there is always a fluctuation in pricing and availability. Hence, is some very rare cases when when you select a hotel room or flight, it may not be available or price may have changed while you were going through the details.


To avoid all such situations, we always recommend to double-check all the details when you are redirected to vendor’s website and before making the final booking.



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No, we are not travel agents and we do not sell flights and hotels. We are meta-search site which collects the inventory available from hundreds of hotels, airlines and online travel booking websites.

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No, travplanet is completely free to use and we do not charge anything from our site users!

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You should always reach the booking website or company that you have booked your tickets or hotel with. If you are unsure, then you can find their contract information on the booking confirmation email. Travplanet does not store any information of your bookings.


NOTE: It is always handy to keep your booking reference number saved to keep track of your booking.

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We only work with the well established travel companies. The listings you see come either directly from the hotel/airline or from very well reputed online travel booking agencies. However, it is your choice which company are you comfortable booking with.

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Before the final click of your booking, you should always double-check all the key information. Such as:

For Hotels: Location, booking dates & duration, check-in & check-out times, room rate and any other terms (if any)

For Flights: Departure & arrival airports, dates, times, flight number, seat number, name of passengers, ticket price etc.