About Travplanet

A free and independent travel booking platform with an innovative and user friendly travel search engine model. While promoting transparency through price comparisons, we bring itineraries of Millions of Hotel Deals and Airline Tickets together to become the One-Stop Shop for all of your travel needs.

Our Mission

With the complex nature of travel industry it is very hard for an average traveler to find their preferred hotels and flights on the best available prices. There are hundreds of websites and agencies if not thousands for travel bookings with their own specific rates of hotel rooms and airline tickets which becomes very cumbersome to browse through tens of websites while preparing hand-over of their daily life tasks at work or home.

This is the problem that we at Travplanet wanted to fix. With a single search at Travplanet visitors are actually browsing through hundreds of hotel, airline and travel agency inventories. Thus enabling tourists make their booking decisions effortlessly. Further assisted by two elements of our approach, inventory and the user experience.


Travplanet is not an online travel agency but a meta-search website which aggregates most of the online available travel inventory from vendors around the world and presents them in the order of lowest to highest prices for every single travel itinerary. Enabling travelers to scan tens of websites with a quick glance.

Following the rising trends in home bookings, we have included millions of guesthouses and apartments, increasing our accommodation portfolio to 2.9 Million properties. This makes us literally a one-stop shop for all the travel bookings.


While having a large inventory is a good thing but that can itself add to the complexity of the booking process. Therefore, we have worked hard to streamline and design a sleek, pleasant and welcoming user interface for visitors.